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Tiger Woods visited my gym. I enjoy helping others improve their athletic abilities!
Tiger Woods visited my gym. I enjoy helping others improve their athletic abilities!

For over 17 years I have heard the same thing;

“I cannot afford 30 training sessions at $2,000. I wish a personal trainer could give me a program and show me what to do.”

I provide the workout program that other trainers will not! You no longer have to spend $2,000-$3,000 on a “program”. Now you have a new option!

By spending over 17 years learning the best exercise techniques and teaching others how to start and maintain a workout program, I decided to make professional workout guidance accessible to the world!

I teach people how to use their body with confidence! This is about YOU, YOUR body, and YOUR goals! My educational system teaches you how to workout safely in any gym with ease! 

(Premium personalized workout programs available at

How am I different from typical personal trainers?

  1. I do not charge by the hour.
  2. I give people what they want; a workout program.
  3. I do not work off “sales goals” or pressure people to purchase useless supplements or add-ons.
  4. I offer honest, effective, and understandable workout guidance!

I created to teach you how to exercise with confidence; any gym, any body type, and every fitness goal! I show you how to save money by avoiding deceptive for-profit fitness sales strategies.

My goal is to maximize access to workout knowledge by eliminating corporate cost barriers! 

Health is a human right; I am giving people what is their right; a healthy and happy life!

Welcome to The Future of Fitness!

- Justin Stobbs, Founder About Me


17 years of professional workout knowledge at your fingertips!

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