Exercise in any gym with ease! I offer 16+ years of professional and honest workout guidance preparing you to exercise with confidence! Join 100,000+ people in 250 countries avoiding confusion, high personal trainer prices, and saving $1,000′s with my 4 easy-to-follow beginner exercise guides below!
Justin Stobbs, Founder of FitnessPatterns.com
Justin Stobbs, Founder of FitnessPatterns.com

1. How-To Workout VIDEO + Weekly Exercise Rules!

2. Most Effective Exercise Order for ALL body types

3. Exercise PHOTOS + Secret Tips!

4. 3 Gym Secrets that will save you $1,000's! 

“I built this website to teach you how to exercise. With my knowledge, you will walk into every gym with confidence and know exactly how to start and maintain a workout program. Goodbye expensive personal training packages hello a brand new you! I decided gyms will no longer ignore paying members who cannot afford outrageous personal training fees. You have met your first honest and passionate fitness expert looking out for YOUR best interest!

I teach you how to lose weight, gain muscle, and feel great about yourself with 16+ years of professional exercise instruction. I maximize access to workout knowledge by removing for-profit gym price barriers. Learn how to design your own workout program and bypass silly gym fees with my help!

Welcome to the future of fitness.”

- Justin Stobbs  Founder/Owner  FitnessPatterns.com

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Watch my video below to see how gyms trick you into purchasing expensive products and services. Learn the sales games and save $1,000′s with my unique FitnessPatterns.com pre-gym education system!


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