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Justin Stobbs, Founder of
Justin Stobbs, Founder of
  • Learn how to exercise!
  • Save $1,000-$3,000 by avoiding gym “workout programs”!
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Learn how to begin an exercise program with my 

5 guides below! 

  1. NEW: Things you should know before starting a workout program
  2. The Perfect Muscle Workout Order from start to finish
  3. Beginner Workout Video and Weekly Exercise Programs
  4. Exercise Photos with Fitness Expert Tips
  5. Three $ Saving Secrets gyms do NOT want you to know



Watch my video below to maximize access to valuable personal training advice.

My intro video explains: 
    • Why you need a” beginner education” BEFORE joining a gym.
    • A new way to think about your body and “liability”.
    • How you can use this website to build your confidence to exercise with little help from other people!
    • You CAN exercise on your own and I show you how!


Check back soon: New website, Workout education options, and non-stop workout support is on it’s way!

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I am here to HELP YOU teach yourself how to exercise for 1/100th the price of costly gym “workout programs”

I offer the most efficient and affordable workout education program ever!

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