Exercise order: Perfect Muscle Workout Order from Start To Finish!

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This article explains how exercise is more effective when working out from largest to smallest body parts. A full body workout order from largest muscles groups to smallest is best for every body! Exercise order is very important when planning your workout! An ideal workout order includes: Squats, lunges, or leg press first, followed by […]


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Why personal training is expensive – Conflict of interest!

Personal trainer with woman

As a personal trainer I take you behind-the-scenes to explain why personal training is expensive to save you $1,000’s. In my 16+ years as a personal trainer, I noted 3 reasons less than 2% of gym members hire personal trainers. *Disclaimer: Not all gyms or health clubs operate under the aggressive sales structures you will read about below. This article is for […]

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5 excuses for not working out and how to beat them!


Excuses are easy to offer. Excuses do not provide results.  Read these 5 common excuses to beat the excuse game and take charge of your health! Excuse #1.    “I’m too busy.”   –    You are right, your attitude of “being busy” means results are not important. You can stay “busy” forever.  OR…. Make a plan and change priorities! It is […]

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Gym Member Rights – Equal Access to Workout Knowledge


Gym Member Rights As a gym member advocate and consumer champion, I posted these consumer tips (from the Federal Trade Commission website) to help you save money and avoid contract and price traps before signing any documents! My goal in creating FitnessPatterns.com is to provide equal access to valuable workout knowledge! About Me Joining a […]

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Beginner workout guide: CDC guidelines for exercise beginners!

Indian woman in gym - CDC text

The CDC has a few tips for those starting a workout program or exercise routine. These are listed below. Still need more guidance? Visit my new website www.GymMenu.com for a customized workout program specific to your body and goals! What Is Physical Activity? “Physical activity is any body movement that works your muscles and requires more […]

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Lifetime Fitness Personal Trainer Rates


  This article empowers you save $1000’s by understanding Lifetime Fitness sales pitches, pricing, and fees. Empower yourself and be self-sufficient and independent while avoiding lifetime fitness personal training sales pitches! Lifetime Fitness has a typical 4 part sales pitch which I explain below…   Visit my new website www.GymMenu.com to get your workout program for […]

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Personal Training Sales Pressure – What to expect

Buy sessions NOW! This is the environment at commercial gyms....

Warning: Personal Training “Free” Fitness Assessment as HIGH-PRESSURE-SALES pitches. The following story is an honest reflection of how a new gym member was tortured treated during and after a sales presentation. Source: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/1145851     Member penngarcia   So I was tricked into signing up for a 12 month contract with LA Fitness for personal training. One really good salesman […]

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FitnessPatterns makes front page of reddit! Live Q/A

I volunteered 7 hours of my fitness services during a live Q/A session HERE (My username “HeartAtak”) to help thousands of people find the motivation to start their New Years Resolutions with helpful workout knowledge! Read my responses below to see the truth about for-profit gyms & exercise. Some of my responses should answer your questions and may actually be similar scenarios you experienced! […]

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“Scarce Information” is actually very common!

Exercise Prescription Doctor Rx

Workout routines are often sold as “scare information” when they are often times generic advice pre-packed and advertised to the masses. In his book Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion, Author Robert Cialdini stated the following regarding scarcity: “According to the scarcity principle, we find a piece of information more persuasive if we think we […]

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Bargaining skills you should know

Jewelry price is marked up 300%. Personal training is marked up 107,100%!

This money-saving primer on Anchoring (Economics Principles) teaches you how to tactfully use numbers during negotiations to tip the deal in your favor. This article shows you how to save top dollar on anything you purchase! Have you ever bought a car? There is a good chance you experienced anchoring. Sciencedaily.com defines  anchoring as, “…the common human tendency to rely […]

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The TRUTH about “Fitness Assessments” aka Sales Pitch in Disguise…

Gym Staff Meeting

  This write-up prepares you to obtain your fitness assessment data and avoid the high-pressure sales tactics and costly add-on services found at many for-profit gyms. Save $1,000’s by knowing WHAT REALLY HAPPENS before you join a gym and have a personal trainer tell you what to buy… Fitness assessments are a great way to learn more about your body; your […]

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Too Many Workout Machines? See where to start!


Have you ever wondered why most large commercial gyms offer over 200 workout machines? During tours, gyms tempt potential members with all the “bells and whistles” by showing you excessive amounts of workout equipment. Paradoxically, it is unlikely you will use any more than 20% of this equipment! Think about it like this: Grocery stores offer upwards of 100,000 products but […]

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The Perfect Muscle Workout order from start to finish!


This article explains how exercise is more effective when working out from largest to smallest body parts.   A full body workout order from largest muscles groups to smallest is best for every body! An ideal workout order includes: Squats, lunges, or leg press first, followed by chest, pushups, and back next. Start big, work smaller. […]

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Why Gym Day Passes are cheaper than Monthly Memberships!

Corporate gym motto - Just give us your money!

Gym optimism costs you money. This article will show you how the average gym member will SAVE MONEY by using a pay-per-visit pass opposed to a monthly membership pass. Time to stop fooling yourself… We all tell ourselves, “This is the year I will join a gym and lose 20 pounds for sure.” Eventually stress from work, […]

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Why you do NOT need supplements!

Supplements insight

Have you ever taken a supplement? Why do people take supplements? Do they seek shortcuts to fast results? Did the product’s commercial promise fast results or the old “BEFORE and AFTER” suggestion? You probably did not see the *results not typical, individual results may vary* disclaimer…. The multi-billion dollar supplement industry takes advantage of consumers looking for the magic bullet […]

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What are Fitness Patterns – Read to find out!


 FITNESSPATTERNS.com is BORN! 9/25/2012 I started FitnessPatterns.com to provide equal access to what is often expensive personal trainer advice. With America facing an obesity epidemic I decided somebody has to take charge and change things. I am helping people learn how to exercise with beginner tips/motivation/education. No more personal training price barriers. Hello healthy America! What is […]

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