Tiger Woods visited my gym. I enjoy helping others improve their athletic abilities!
Tiger Woods visited my gym. I enjoy helping others improve their athletic abilities!

Save $1,000’s at the gym! 

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Why I started FitnessPatterns.com

Throughout my 16 years exercising and working in gyms, I have heard many people say, “I wish a personal trainer could just give me a program and show me what to do.”

However, the for-profit fitness industry is designed to confuse people, not teach them the basics, and profit by selling education in the form of hourly personal training sessions. This is the most inefficient business model leaving more than 95% of gym members lost and confused. This “pay-to-learn” method contributes directly to higher obesity and health care costs.

I decided to change the problem…. 

I have spent over 16 years learning the best exercise techniques, managing gyms, training clients, and enjoying the numerous health and self-esteem benefits of exercise. Now I teach people how to use their gyms with confidence!

I built this website to help you avoid hidden sales pressure and deceptive sales strategies found in the corporate fitness world. Welcome to FitnessPatterns.com where you learn how to exercise for FREE and beat corporate gyms at their sales games. I save you time and money!

- Justin Stobbs, Founder FitnessPatterns.com



 I created a unique workout education program to solve the personal training price problem:


You never have to purchase another costly personal training session again! I make exercise easy and affordable!



Powerful knowledge!

Personal Training Sales Pressure – What to expect

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Warning: Personal Training “Free” Fitness Assessment as HIGH-PRESSURE-SALES pitches. The following story is an honest reflection of how a new gym member was tortured treated during and after a sales presentation. Source: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/1145851     Member penngarcia So... READ MORE

Learn from my Q/A session!

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I volunteered 7 hours of my fitness services during a live Q/A session HERE (My username “HeartAtak”) to help thousands of people find the motivation to start their New Years Resolutions with helpful workout knowledge! Read my responses below to... READ MORE

“Scarce Information” is actually very common!

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Workout routines are often sold as “scare information” when they are often times generic advice pre-packed and advertised to the masses. In his book Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion, Author Robert Cialdini... READ MORE

How to CHANGE your life!

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How many times have you told yourself the following paradoxical statement?  “I know what to do, I am just not doing it.”   Many people I encountered in gyms over the years said... READ MORE