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Tiger Woods visited my gym. I enjoy helping others improve their athletic abilities!
Tiger Woods visited my gym. I enjoy helping others improve their athletic abilities!
“It is my mission to teach you how to exercise and enjoy your life! My goal is to help you change your attitude towards fitness and provide you with beginner gym education empowering you to a healthier, happier new you!”
- Justin Stobbs, Founder

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Why I started

Throughout my 16 years exercising and working in gyms, I have heard many people say, “I wish a personal trainer could just give me a program and show me what to do.”

However, the for-profit fitness industry is designed to confuse people, not teach them the basics, and profit by selling education in the form of hourly personal training sessions. This is the most inefficient business model contributing directly to higher obesity and health care costs.

  • Gyms are supposed to be places where people pay monthly membership dues to access workout equipment!
  •  Gyms are supposed to be places where people improve their health!

The high price barriers of personal training sessions limits people’s abilities to exercise thus preventing them from improving their health: Ironic isn’t it? You go to a gym but do not know what to do, cannot afford help, so you stop going!

That time is over.

Help has arrived. – Goodbye personal training sessions!

I am helping people understand the basics of exercise, the essential, the COMMON HUMAN elements of health, wellness and fitness. I help gym members who are frequently neglected by the confusion and greed of the for-profit fitness industry machine…

Welcome to where I limit gym price barriers and maximize access to vital workout program knowledge!

It is my goal to help people reach their fitness goals by focusing on human similarities such as:

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    Humans who eat excessive amounts of calories gain weight.

  • Humans who sit less, move more, and live active lifestyles lose weight or maintain a desired weight.
  • Active people take less medications.
  • Exercise provides many benefits; it regulates blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, alertness, improves sleep, and elevates mood.
  • People in gyms make time to exercise, those not in gyms make excuses to avoid exercise.
  • People who exercise spend less money on healthcare, health insurance, medication, and less time in doctor’s offices and hospitals.
  • People who exercise are typically healthier, happier, more confident, enjoy both a longer life and a better quality of life.

Powerful knowledge!

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