5 excuses for not working out and how to beat them!

Excuses are easy to offer. Excuses do not provide results.

 Read these 5 common excuses to beat the excuse game and take charge of your health!

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copyright: healthytravelblog.com

Excuse #1.    “I’m too busy.”

  –    You are right, your attitude of “being busy” means results are not important. You can stay “busy” forever.  OR…. Make a plan and change priorities! It is up to you to be “busy” not going to the gym or going. Either way you are making a conscious decision…

Excuse #2.   “I don’t have time.”

  –   We all have 168 hours in a week, not sure where yours go?   SO…. I am sure you can find 1 hour out of 168 that you can dedicate to exercise.

Excuse #3.   “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.” 

–  Then start doing it, or hire a trainer to hold you accountable.   ….THIS excuse comes from somebody who needs accountability motivation or a partner! (or somebody who does NOT know what to do but is embarassed to admit it)

Excuse #4.     “Exercise is too expensive.”

–      Pushups, situps, and squats are free. When price is the issue, there are plenty of alternatives to a gym and personal training. Remember that free thing called play when you were a kid? It burned calories and gave you time with friends! Also, whatever happened to taking a 20 minute walk?

Excuse #5.   “I don’t know what to do.”

This website helps you overcome the knowledge barrier! Look at all of the people in the gym: They had to learn how to workout just like you. We all learn how to walk as babies by falling and trying again! Exercise is the same thing! Once you learn you will get results, burn fat, and never look back! I use 13 years of professional instruction experience to teach you how to use your body and your gym!

At $50/month, a gym membership only costs only 7 cents per hour, USE IT!

Money is NOT the issue. Figure out what is stopping you and tackle that excuse! Try my new workout videos below to blast past the laziness excuses!.

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