“Results Not Typical” – See why!

*Results not typical.

You have seen this disclaimer on nearly every fitness product and supplement known to mankind.

” *Results not typical. “

Why not? Why are results not typical?

Results supplement

Not all of us can be successful and lose 150+ pounds like Jared of Subway. (pictured on the right) So why do so many of us fall for marketing ploys to purchase life-changing products?

We fall for the VISUAL effect of “before and after”.

We see pictures with our eyes: We are motivated more by images and less by words. It is basic psychology!

It is difficult to see the *results not typical when it is placed in size 5 font and hidden at the bottom of the advertisement. Your eyes focus on the pretty pictures and ignore the tiny text…

Advertisers use EMOTIONAL photo images to override your RATIONAL conscious ability to understand how the odds are against you to make a permanent behavior change!

Now why do we not see *results not typical* at the bottom of our gym contracts or in the front of the gym entrance? commercial-gym_jpg

Because honesty does not sell products. Gyms would go out of business if they told you up front, “You are unlikely to reach your new years resolution of losing 50 pounds.”  Gyms profit off your optimism bias and “dreams” to lose weight: They make money whether you workout or not!

They also will not tell you that after you join and sign the contract, you will receive little to no help learning how to use the equipment. It is very subtle marketing, where commercial gyms like to hit your wallet twice; once to join (monthly membeship fee) and twice to hire a trainer to show you how to use the equipment.


Buyer beware! *results not typical.

I show you how to get results; forget the “results not typical” fine print. Results are typical: You need to know what to do with your body and the results are easy.

You want to avoid the *results not typical problem?

Learn exactly what to do with my 12 minute beginner workout full of useful tips and exercises! 

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