What weight loss FEELS like! 1 gallon?

Scales are boring. However, thinking about weight loss in a new way can motivate you to lose weight for good! scale


Weight loss, as a number, is not a tangible goal. Weight loss as an object in your hand is much more exciting!

  • Have you ever tried to lose weight?
  • Do you know what 10, 20, or 30 pounds feels like?

Think of weight loss in terms of how many gallons you give up!gallon

Why think of weight loss like this? Because most of us have carried groceries at some point in our life.

Carrying a gallon of milk or orange juice can be quite a challenge. An 8 pound gallon is heavy! It feels good to put it on the counter top and go back to your car for the much lighter cereal boxes!

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Now imagine putting the gallon in a bag and adding and wearing that bag on your back all day….

Now you know what 8 pound weight gain feels like!

Now see how good it feels to take that same backpack off! Wow what a relief!  You just lost 8 pounds! Feels good right?

Now are you ready to lose 8+ pounds?

Trying to lose 15 pounds? Carry a gallon in each arm! You are walking around with 16 extra pounds. Set them down. Now you now what losing 15 pounds feels like…

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Knowing what weight loss FEELS like (setting down the gallon) can motivate you to lose the weight much more than a number on paper or on a scale! FEEL the weight loss and make it happen!

A quick weight loss to gallon scale for you:
Lose 8 pounds = 1 gallon5 gallons
Lose 16 pounds = 2 gallons
Lose 24 pounds = 3 gallons
Lose 32 pounds = 4 gallons
Lose 40 pounds = 5 gallons
Lose 48 pounds = 6 gallons

Next time you are in the house pouring a glass of orange juice or milk, remember the simple 8 pound/1 gallon weight loss rule. It really is that easy….

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6 Replies to “What weight loss FEELS like! 1 gallon?”

  1. Several years ago (the first time I was down the 80 pounds) I picked up my 2 40-pound toddlers, one on each hip, and realized I used to carry that all the time. I couldn’t even comprehend at that point trying to do that 24/hrs a day any more (it was hard for 10 minutes). Pretty cool.

    1. Indiri,

      Thank you for your comment and story. Congrats on your 80 pound weight loss! You are setting a positive example for your 2 children! Stay positive and remember you have the power to choose exercise and the power to choose (the right) diet!

  2. Wow, just reading this has motivated me to lose the four gallons of milk, or as one has mentioned a couple of ‘small dog(s).’ It really puts thing into perspective and probably explains why I walk really slow? It’s strange when I was thin, I didn’t think much about weight and moving around had an ease to it. In another post someone said that the first ten minutes of exercising or doing something is the hardest, after that it’s easy. Cool article.

    1. Serey,

      Glad you read the post and found extra motivation to lose “4 gallons” or 24 pounds! You can do it!
      Also, I like what you said about exercise… The first 10 minutes is the hardest! It’s all downhill (coasting) from there!
      Take care!

  3. A few weeks ago I picked up a bag of cat food and realized that the size of the bag I was holding was pretty much the same the weight as I had lost. It was such a revelation. I felt so much more proud of myself than just seeing the number.

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you for sharing your success! I have cats and know I would not want to carry their food bag around all day!
      Stay on top of your weight loss 🙂

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