Why you should spend less time working out your abs…

Why you should spend less time working out your abs

Have you performed hundreds of crunches and situps in efforts to get that perfect 6 pack? Guess what; you are wasting your time. This article explains why…


Abs are a small muscle group. Exercising small muscle groups means burning less calories.

When you go to the gym and spend 15 minutes laying on the floor barely moving at all you are actually hurting your ability to see that perfect 6 pack. Here is why…

  • Abs are hidden under a layer of fat.
  • In order to make the abs more visible or desirable, you need to remove the layer of fat that hides them from the world.
  • You should spend more time moving large muscles groups such as legs, chest, back, and shoulders to maximize your total caloric burn.
  • See muscle workout order for more tips.
  • Burning calories should be your goal to maximize how your abs look.

Think of ab workouts like this; you are offered a job paying $8 and hour and another job paying $25 an hour. The $25 per hour job would be the lunges, squats, deadlifts, and bench presses helping you reach your goals faster. The $10 per hour job is you laying on the floor working 3 times harder performing sit ups to obtain results.

Work where you maximize results. Cardio and large muscle group exercises will burn fat faster giving you the smoother stomach or 6-pack you desire in a shorter amount of time!

Next time you want a nicer stomach think less crunches more large body part movements!

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    1. Anything in excess can be destructive. It is likely you can avoid burning muscle by maintaining a positive calorie intake above the amount of calories you burn. Be sure to increase your caloric intake when you plan on increasing how much you run.

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