How to CHANGE your life!

How many times have you told yourself the following paradoxical statement?

 “I know what to do, I am just not doing it.”


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Many people I encountered in gyms over the years said that exact statement over and over! Funny when you think about it, I know what to do….. ok….. so why are you not doing it?

I believe many people do not “do it” (exercise) for one of the following reasons:

  1.  They HONESTLY do not know what to do and are scared to admit it.
  2. They are embarrassed to ask somebody to help.
  3. They cannot afford the professional guidance of a personal trainer or fitness professional.
  4. They are scared of the unknown. (Some people are scared of change)
  5. OTHER

What is your reason? What keeps you from DOING something new or different? What keeps you from reaching your fitness goals?

Try not to be the person who talks about what they are going to do but never does it. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

Get out there and DO something about it! Then tell people all about what you did!

Now THAT is change!

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