“Scarce Information” is actually very common!

Workout routines are often sold as “scare information” when they are often times generic advice pre-packed and advertised to the masses.

In his book Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion, Author Robert Cialdini stated the following regarding scarcity:

“According to the scarcity principle, we find a piece of information more persuasive if we think we can’t get it elsewhere.”

personal trainer t shirtPersonal trainers make a living convincing you that their workout routine is scarce information that “only you” can have customized to your body and goals. I hate to break it to you but they tell everybody the same thing. They want you to believe you must purchase sessions from them to access this vital info. They will attempt to convince you that you are unable to succeed on your own. They want you to feel only THEY have the key to your success.

These sad persuasive attempts, all efforts to sell sessions, are all blatant lies.

Think of the P90x workout routine, any Jane Fonda workout routine, or even Richard Simmons workout videos! They are all a pre-packed grouping of exercises that you must simply DO to succeed.

None of these workout programs are “personalized” to the millions of people who purchased them.

  • They sell RESULTS.
  • They sell MOVEMENT.
  • They sell BEHAVIOR CHANGE.

Why do people buy them? Maybe they think a new workout video will bring them success?

The funny thing is, ALL WOROUT VIDEOS will bring your success. EVERY WORKOUT ROUTINE will provide results. You have to WORKOUT to get results!

It is really pretty simple.

Every time I have a checkup my doctor says 2 things: Eat well and exercise. This is the same prescription for every human on this Earth. Has your doctor ever told you to eat raw spoiled food and lay around doing nothing for 5 years?

People work pretty hard avoiding the truth.

The truth is, you have to exercise to get results…. 

Now you can get in shape with a workout program designed specifically for YOUR body and goals.

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