Lifetime Fitness Personal Trainer Rates

This article empowers you save $1000’s by understanding Lifetime Fitness sales pitches, pricing, and fees. Empower yourself and be self-sufficient and independent while avoiding lifetime fitness personal training sales pitches! Lifetime Fitness has a typical 4 part sales pitch which I explain below…



Lifetime Fitness Personal Trainer/Personal Training rates are set up as “levels” as follows:
  • Level 1: $69/hour  
  • Level 2: $79/hour   
  • Level 3: $89/hour  
  • Level 4: $99/hour
  • Level 5: $109/hour – Managers may charge $119/hour

These rates are based on questionable criteria including; how many personal training sessions the personal trainer sold during the previous 3 months (aka how much money they made the company), how many sessions a personal trainer sells on average, how many clients a personal trainer sells to other trainers, how many times a trainer raises their rates to make more money on a single sale/fitness assessment, and how many months in a row a trainer hits their personal training sales goal, and every now and then education.


‘He’s my personal trainer. He’s a bit expensive, but his motto is: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’…’

Be careful when hiring a personal trainer. Personal trainer rates are expensive in corporate fitness worlds because they build in 100% commission fees. You pay double the costs for typical personal training rates to help Lifetime Fitness afford flat screen televisions, granite countertops, and gloss polish for their workout studios.

Lifetime fitness personal trainer fees and lifetime fitness personal trainer rates and lifetime fitness personal trainer costs are confusing because they do not want you to know anything up front. Remember: A clueless customer is worth more money (personal training sales) versus an informed and confident independent gym member!

You will never find a chart showing you the lifetime fitness personal training rates/fees because the company utilizes high-pressure sales tactics, similar to car sales. (yuck!) The company encourages personal trainers schedule members for fitness assessments where the sales games begin in the following styles; 12, 24, or 36 sessions. Get ready for a shocker!


The sales assessment

Lifetime Fitness personal trainers typically sell personal training (with above fees and training rates) in groups of 12, 24, or 36 sessions. (see examples below)

36 sessions = 3 sessions a week for 3 months

24 sessions = 2 sessions a week for 3 months

12 sessions = 1 sessions a week for 3 months


The personal trainer attempts to SELL you on the biggest package aka 36 personal training sessions. For the 97% of Lifetime Fitness members unable to afford the corporate personal training rates, the personal trainer will attempt to “negotiate down” the rate of the training package. Below, you will find the 4 predictable gimmick sales pitch steps…


Sales step 1:

Trainer suggests 36 sessions at $69/hour rate(fee). This totals $2484. This does not include the $370 for heart rate monitor, metabolic testing kit, and metabolic tests. Grand total of $2850 + tax. *99% of people object to this used car price and ask for other options.


 Sales step 2:

Trainer “backs down” to 24 sessions at $69/hour rate(fee). This costs $1656. This does not include the $370 for heart rate monitor, metabolic testing kit, and metabolic tests. Grand total of $2000 + tax  *98.5% of people are unable to afford this package equivalent to a week long all expenses paid cruise to Tahiti.


Sales step 3:

Trainer “reluctantly offers” for you to purchase 12 sessions at $69/hour rate (fee) at the total cost of $828. This does not include the $370 for heart rate monitor, metabolic testing kit, and metabolic tests. Grand total of $1200 + tax. *98% of people skip this offer equivalent to many people’s monthly mortgages.


Sales step 4:

Trainer suggest you start with cardio testing and a heart rate monitor at total cost of $370 + tax MINIMUM. Cardio testing costs $180 for 2 tests to learn your optimal heart rate zone and resting metabolic rate. This test requires a $40 testing kit/mask. This also does not include your $150 – $300 heart rate monitor. 2-3% of Lifetime fitness members fall for this fancy science and sign up for metabolic testing and purchase 1980’s looking over-priced LCD watches. (The treadmills show you how to find your optimal heart rate training zone and conveniently offer heart rate handles that show your heart rate when needed)

Lucky for you, 97% of people in this particular gym skip the expensive personal training costs and workout on their own. There are plenty of non-personal training exercises you can do such as; group fitness, workout with a friend, ask another gym member how/why they do the moves they do. Ask people for help; most people are friendly and would love to help you out.

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