3 Suprising reasons to not buy Fitness Magazines

Do you buy Fitness Magazines? 3 Reasons to change your mind!

Fitness-Magazine-November-2008You probably purchase (or subscribe) to one or multiple fitness magazines in effort to change your behaviors and become healthy.

Below, I am going to show you 3 important reasons you should NOT buy fitness magazines.

Reason 1: Old wine in a new bottle.

Magazines are selling pre-packaged advice over and over again with minimal changes to the content. Rarely does anything

“Earth-shattering” get published in any given month. Take a look at your magazines. They tell you the same things every month:

  • Move more.
  • Eat less.
  • Change your behaviors.
  • Stop being lazy.
  • Make time for exercise.

Now the magazine publishers might not be as blunt as I am above, so they use try some fancy wording as you will read in Reason #2.


Reason 2: Selling the sizzle and not the steak.

Magazine companies are very good at designing covers that draw you into purchasing them. (A behavior change in

Drop 10 pounds! WOW! You do not have to pay $5.00 to learn how to do that. Moving is free...
Drop 10 pounds! WOW! You do not have to pay $5.00 to learn how to do that. Moving is free…


The following are verbaitim “bait” lines commonly used by devious magazine marketers:

  • Longer leaner legs!
  • More Energy, Less Stress!
  • Slim Down for Good!
  • Sleek Abs and Arms!
  • DROP TWO SIZES in just 4 Weeks!
  • The All-Natural Tummy Tuck!

So what do all of these sleek sayings have in common? They appeal to your IDEAL image of yourself. Who wouldn’t want nicer legs, arms, abs, etc.? Who couldn’t stand to lose a few pounds?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but these magazines are being marketed to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who looks at them, not just you. You are not special to them, you are a pay check. These are very generic goals selling the “sizzle not the steak”. They are selling the benefits (results) not the actual product (exercise). They are literally selling you the dream!


Reason 3: The Big Catch – Magazines vs. YOUR behavior *Disclaimer*

If you are like other people, you may already have a stack of (half read) magazines at your house.

By the time you finish work and make it home through traffic, you probably ignore those magazines!

Many magazines offer great advice, but you have to actually USE the advice to have any progress. Most of these fitness magazines are full of professional advice and wonderful photographs and workouts and diets to help you succeed. However, the best “Burn 300 calories in 20 minutes!” article does you ZERO good when you, like many other magazine readers, read the article and do nothing.

How many times do you need to read about the “best workout ever” before you actually change your behavior?


Here are some benefits of not buying fitness magazines:

  • Cancel subscriptions – Less clutter.
  • Save Money.
  • More time to go to the gym and exercise vs reading about it.
  • BEHAVIOR CHANGE comes from within, not from a magazine….

These magazines offer a great starting point, but they do not sell motivation, that must come from YOU.

You can motivate yourself.

You can exercise! You can get all of the “cover goals” like lean legs, firm buttocks, sexy arms, etc. All you have to do is move….

Get started with my workout here!


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