Self-awareness and personal power.

  • Priceless - Myth of Fair Value BOOKSee how to be more; self-aware, “in control”, and more powerful! A very helpful piece of advice from a great book…


Reading, Priceless – The Myth of Fair Value by William Poundstone, gave me some thoughts about how self-awareness is the basis of many things, especially working out!

On page 283 of his book, Poundstone states the following:

“When people are made to be self-aware, they are likelier to stop and think about what they are doing. That in turn can lead to ‘more desirable ways of behaving.'”

Apply this quote to your health:

  • Do you realize there are 168 hours in the week and you choose to either make time for the gym or make excuses not to go?
  • Do you realize (a majority of) the people who go to the gym are in better shape than those who do not?
  • Do you understand you make choices every day that can make or break your health?
  • Do you see that you are in control of your choices?
  • Do you realize your choices have the power to alter your behavior? (Even choosing to be positive versus negative)

 Choose to be self-aware. Choose to improve yourself. Self-awareness is very powerful!

You are in charge! This is your life! You are aware of what you can do with your body…now do it! Make time for exercise, self-reflect and understand you are in charge of your choices, and ultimately, your¬†own behavior!


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