Too Many Workout Machines? See where to start!

Have you ever wondered why most large commercial gyms offer over 200 downtown-gymworkout machines?

During tours, gyms tempt potential members with all the “bells and whistles” by showing you excessive amounts of workout equipment. Paradoxically, it is unlikely you will use any more than 20% of this equipment!

Think about it like this: Grocery stores offer upwards of 100,000 products but you probably only purchase 200-400 products on any given trip. You do not need ALL of the options; you just need to know which ones are best for you!

Too many choices leads to indecision. In this case, it occurs at the gym.


The solution:

Pick 10 workout machines and try them. Nobody said you need to use all 200 machines in your gym.

Note how most people in the gym have their own personal workout routine. Seriously, watch them and note how they typically do the same or very similar workouts. 

The key thing about regulars is they visit the gym frequently and have a few choice machines or exercises they use per workout. 

Find what you like, stick with it, and you are guaranteed results in no time!

“You must choose, but choose wisely.” – From Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Going to the gym is just like going to the grocery store; find what you like and stick with it.


Now that you know what to do, you need a place to start…. START HERE with my 12 minute beginner workout video!


The Perfect Muscle Workout order from start to finish!

This article explains how exercise is more effective when working out from largest to smallest body parts.


A full body workout order from largest muscles groups to smallest is best for every body!

Squat An ideal workout order includes: Squats, lunges, or leg press first, followed by chest, pushups, and back next.

Start big, work smaller.

This muscle workout order ensures rapid calorie burn and faster metabolism gains ideal for every body type!


Working out the larger muscle groups first is the most efficient workout format for the following reasons:

  1. You burn more calories
  2. You speed up/elevate your metabolism
  3. You see faster muscle mass and tone gains
  4. Your body burns more calories in less time!


Knowing which body part to workout first can make or break your workout program or exercise routine. I advocate the “largest to smallest” body part workout order because you will maximize results and minimize time in the gym! – Justin Stobbs, Founder

It is silly to work the smaller body parts first like biceps and triceps (arms) THEN try to perform pullups or pushups next. You will be too tired because you already fatigued your arms. Think of it like this; when you wash your car you do not start with the “detailing” first and then wash the car. You wash the entire car with a very general broad cleaning then work to the finer points like the tires, rims, carpet, etc. Do the same thing with your body! Start big then work small.


So what muscle workout order is best for you?

Exercise your large body parts using squats, lunges, pullups and pushups FIRST. Next perform your isolation movements for abs, shoulders, biceps and triceps! I tell clients ABS work as great “rest sets” between other sets of legs and arms. Sneak them in between sets! This way your arms rest while working out your abs. No more “forgetting to exercise the stomach”!


Now that you are ready to workout and get fit, try my workout video and exercise how-to photos below!

Learn how to Exercise and Improve your body!
Learn how to Exercise and Improve your body!

Muscle workout order is important. When your goal is to burn the most calories, exercise the larger muscle groups!

* Less muscle used = less calories burned = slow results.  


* More muscle used = more calories burned = fast results.


*Muscle workout order is a general guide for beginners: Muscle workout order, muscle training order, gym workout order, exercise workout order, exercise program, work out order, gym exercise orders, best workout order, easy muscle workout program, should all be supervised by fitness professionals. Muscle workout order is very important!*

Why Gym Day Passes are cheaper than Monthly Memberships!

Gym optimism costs you money. This article will show you how the average gym member will SAVE MONEY by using a pay-per-visit pass opposed to a monthly membership pass. Time to stop fooling yourself…

gym picWe all tell ourselves, “This is the year I will join a gym and lose 20 pounds for sure.”

Eventually stress from work, bills, family, dating, and life set in; and we finally give up our fitness pursuits.

Tyler Cowen writes about this “join and quit” pattern in his book, Discover Your Inner Economist.

“A study of 7,752 gym members…confirms just how much we overestimate our propensity to exercise. Under one contract, the customer pays a flat monthly fee of more than $70. The people with this arrangment attend the gym about 4.3 times a month, on average. That works out to an average price per visit of slightly more than $17.” (page 119)

Tyler goes on to say how gym members would save money by purchasing a $12-per-visit pass. At that rate, he says you would spend $48 per month, saving over $600 per year.

The take home message here: “All you can exercise for $70 per month” is not as enjoyable as “all you can eat buffet for $20”. People actually WANT to eat. Many of us kid ourselves and feel paying for a gym membership will make us go. It will not.

Know what to do before you enter your gym.

Just as speaking a foreign language would help you navigate a country; understanding your body and workout equipment will help you navigate your gym!

  • Learn the gym language
  • Learn how to exercise
  • Learn how to do it all yourself with CONFIDENCE!

As a personal trainer of over 15 years, I created this website to show you how you can exercise WITHOUT the need for an expensive commercialized personal trainer. (Read About Me here) You need motivation and education. I care about your health where gyms care about your credit card numbers. Learn how to exercise with me, FREE!

Here is how you can prepare yourself for the gym: Watch my educational 12 Minute Workout Video based on over 4,000 client personal training hours! I give you the beginner education you need to alleviate fear and help you avoid sales pressure! Save money and improve your health with me!


* This article show you how gym self-deception costs you money. Exercise optimism comes from within. Build your confidence and avoid the optimism bias by understanding self-deception. Education leads to success!

“Results Not Typical” – See why!

*Results not typical.

You have seen this disclaimer on nearly every fitness product and supplement known to mankind.

” *Results not typical. “

Why not? Why are results not typical?

Results supplement

Not all of us can be successful and lose 150+ pounds like Jared of Subway. (pictured on the right) So why do so many of us fall for marketing ploys to purchase life-changing products?

We fall for the VISUAL effect of “before and after”.

We see pictures with our eyes: We are motivated more by images and less by words. It is basic psychology!

It is difficult to see the *results not typical when it is placed in size 5 font and hidden at the bottom of the advertisement. Your eyes focus on the pretty pictures and ignore the tiny text…

Advertisers use EMOTIONAL photo images to override your RATIONAL conscious ability to understand how the odds are against you to make a permanent behavior change!

Now why do we not see *results not typical* at the bottom of our gym contracts or in the front of the gym entrance? commercial-gym_jpg

Because honesty does not sell products. Gyms would go out of business if they told you up front, “You are unlikely to reach your new years resolution of losing 50 pounds.”  Gyms profit off your optimism bias and “dreams” to lose weight: They make money whether you workout or not!

They also will not tell you that after you join and sign the contract, you will receive little to no help learning how to use the equipment. It is very subtle marketing, where commercial gyms like to hit your wallet twice; once to join (monthly membeship fee) and twice to hire a trainer to show you how to use the equipment.


Buyer beware! *results not typical.

I show you how to get results; forget the “results not typical” fine print. Results are typical: You need to know what to do with your body and the results are easy.

You want to avoid the *results not typical problem?

Learn exactly what to do with my 12 minute beginner workout full of useful tips and exercises! 

How to lose 1 pound: Simple numbers!

image source:
image source:

Weight loss made easy!

You only need to know 2 ways to burn the fat! The rest of the information is “TMI” or too much information.

1) DIET – Reducing caloric intake. Eating less. 

2) EXERCISE – Moving. Burning calories.

Combine DIET and EXERCISE with the golden weight loss rule.

3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat.

You want to lose 1 pound? Read below to see how!

1) Diet: Eat 3,500 less calories in one week = Lose 1 pound!

 Example: Reduce 500 calories from your diet 7 days a week and you lost a pound. -500 calories x 7 days = -3,500 calories aka 1 pound lost!


2) Exercise: Move or workout to BURN 500 calories a day x 7 days a week to lose 1 pound!

-500 calories x 7 days = -3,500 calories aka 1 pound lost!


Combine DIET and EXERCISE to lose weight!

Exercise 250 calories worth per day and diet 250 calories per day x 7 days to lose 1 pound!

– 250 calories (diet) x 7 days COMBINED WITH -250 calories (exercise) x 7 days = 3,500 total!

Guess what? Want to lose 2 pounds of fat (Suggested max weight loss per week)

Combine any amount of exercise and diet to remove 7,000 calories from your body in a week to lose 2 pounds!

It really is that simple!


fat to skinny shadowsYou can buy 10 fitness books, 20 fitness magazines, earn a B.A. in Exercise Science, and learn everything about exercise in the world and still TAKE NO ACTION. Action is the key to success.

I offer a routine that will work for you! 

Try my VIDEO Workouts based on over 4,000 successful client training hours!

Top 5 excuses for not working out and how to blast past them!

5 excuses for not working out and how to beat them!

Excuses are easy to offer. Excuses do not provide results.

 Read these 5 common excuses to beat the excuse game and take charge of your health!


Excuse #1.    “I’m too busy.”

  –    You are right, your attitude of “being busy” means results are not important. You can stay “busy” forever.  OR…. Make a plan and change priorities! It is up to you to be “busy” not going to the gym or going. Either way you are making a conscious decision…

Excuse #2.   “I don’t have time.”

  –   We all have 168 hours in a week, not sure where yours go?   SO…. I am sure you can find 1 hour out of 168 that you can dedicate to exercise.

Excuse #3.   “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.” 

–  Then start doing it, or hire a trainer to hold you accountable.   ….THIS excuse comes from somebody who needs accountability motivation or a partner! (or somebody who does NOT know what to do but is embarassed to admit it)

Excuse #4.     “Exercise is too expensive.”

–      Pushups, situps, and squats are free. When price is the issue, there are plenty of alternatives to a gym and personal training. Remember that free thing called play when you were a kid? It burned calories and gave you time with friends! Also, whatever happened to taking a 20 minute walk?

Excuse #5.   “I don’t know what to do.”

This website helps you overcome the knowledge barrier! Look at all of the people in the gym: They had to learn how to workout just like you. We all learn how to walk as babies by falling and trying again! Exercise is the same thing! Once you learn you will get results, burn fat, and never look back! I use 13 years of professional instruction experience to teach you how to use your body and your gym!

At $50/month, a gym membership only costs only 7 cents per hour, USE IT!

Money is NOT the issue. Figure out what is stopping you and tackle that excuse! Try my new workout videos below to blast past the laziness excuses!.

STARTER WORKOUTS!3 easy video workouts to maximize calorie burning, muscle building, and metabolism boosting


How personal training is like car repairs/mechanics…

You join a gym to exercise meaning you KNOW you need to exercise. The story below shows you how silly it is to hire a trainer.

Imagine your car is making a funny noise… You are concerned. You take your car to a reputable shop for repairs.

image source:

Now, imagine the mechanic tells you the repairs cost $523.00. No biggie, just get out your credit card and pay. Well, imagine if the same mechanic told you, “No, you pay me and you will get your hands dirty and fix your own car.”

This is outrageous! Who would do it?

Think about it. This is what happens with personal training. You go to a gym, body in need of “repairs” and the trainer says, “Sure, I will take your money, but you will be doing all the hard work while I observe.” Not exactly an ideal situation.

You can drop your car off at the shop while somebody else repairs it. You cannot drop your body off at the gym while somebody else repairs it.

The difference between cars and bodies is that we all need our bodies to function 100%. We are responsible for our own bodies. We can not help if our car breaks down and needs a tune up. We can, however, prevent our bodies from breaking down!

Either way, you pay a mechanic to fix your car for you, THEY do the work. Paying a trainer to tell you that YOU have to do the work is plain silly. YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK. SKIP THE TRAINER, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, AND SAVE MONEY. You will need that money to fix your car sooner or later either way!

When you keep your body in shape, you can avoid the personal trainer AND the doctor. Think about less “tune ups” at the doctor! Exercise is prevention! Take care of your health by working out today!

Motivate yourself to upgrade your body today with my workout videos based on over 4,000 hours client workout success! You want results? Start here with my help today!

Metabolism Boosting Workout VIDEOS

Touch your toes with my Stretching/Flexibility VIDEOS

PURE TRUTH: Why you do not see Exercise Drive-Thrus.

Drive-Thru-Workout1Have you seen this drivethru? I think it was called “Quick Fix Fitness”…

I am guessing you have not seen it: This is because they do not exist. So why do people purchase supplements thinking they will work as fast as a drive-thru?

The reason you do not see drive thru workout shops is that workouts and RESULTS do not come in a bag, box, cup, or bottle!

You can’t buy a 6 pack for $20, toned arms for $15, or 30 pound weight loss for $55. It doesn’t work like that.

Results come from hard work, dedication, time, and effort!

Any person or product who promises you instant results is selling you a dream. Many people would love to “get rich quick” just as much as they would love to “lose 20 pounds overnight”. The problem in both cases is that these results are unlikely, more so if somebody promises “their product” will get you those results. (They get rich selling you the product and you get stuck with a useless bottle of pills or book full of vague guidance.)

Granted, some products and supplements may work for various individuals with specific caloric deficits or macronutrient needs. Perform your research and know before you buy. Many of my clients enjoyed using protein powder for workout recovery and multivitamins. Ask your doctor or registered dietician before using supplements!

mirror_homerYOU are the best product!

Look in the mirror; you are motivation, energy, excitement, and effort all bottled up in one package.

 The instant gratification comes from every workout you perform: You get the rush of excitement, sweat, adrenaline, and boost in confidence!

Get yourself moving with our proven Instructional Videos based on over 500 happy clients and 4,000 hours of personal training experience! Skip the pills, and empty promises offered by advertisers!

Remember there is no such thing as overnight results aka “instant gratification”.

Need more motivation? Read the Top 5 excuses for skipping the gym and how to overcome them!


Exercise Logs and Workout Logs

Looking for a workout log for yourself or your clients?

As a 17 year athlete and 15 year personal trainer, I suggest you start by using an exercise log so you can see what improves on paper. As exercise becomes a regular part of your life, you can drop the exercise log and spend more effort finding new movements and exercises.

I used for my workout logs!

They worked for me the first few years I recorded my weights but eventually I stopped using workout logs.

Think about it like this: Remember when you were little and first started counting? You probably counted your fingers to remember how many cookies your mom gave you! You could count to 10! Once you learned how to count on paper with addition you did not need to count on your fingers.

The same is true with exercise: Once you make exercise a daily or weekly habit you will not “need” to write down and/or record your workout information on paper. Take less time writing and more time working!

Use my metabolism-boosting FULL BODY Video to jumpstart your workout program!

Exercise logs exist as a means to record (aka log) exercise progress. During my years as a personal trainer I used for my client’s exercise logs. They have daily exercise logs, weekly exercise logs, and monthly exercise logs!