Why you do NOT need supplements!

Supplements insight

Have you ever taken a supplement?

  • Why do people take supplements?
  • Do they seek shortcuts to fast results?
  • Did the product’s commercial promise fast results or the old “BEFORE and AFTER” suggestion?

You probably did not see the *results not typical, individual results may vary* disclaimer….

The multi-billion dollar supplement industry takes advantage of consumers looking for the magic bullet or shortcut to results.

You need to understand you do NOT need supplements. Results come from hard work and exercise. The only supplements you need are knowledge, social support, and improved schedule discipline.

Below is a fake supplement product to give you an idea of what you are buying. Most of the time you are buying a placebo effect, which is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or condition

Fake Supplement Story:
Guess what? A new supplement just hit the market that gives you just what you want! It is called RESULTS! Results is a bottle of air with nothing in it. Wait? How does it work? You have to open it up 1 time a day, inhale the “magical botanical blend of fresh air myoblended with quavules” and then exercise within 30 minutes of inhalation.

Does that sound fishy?

 Female gym memberIt is! There is no such thing as a magic bullet or miracle pill that will give you instant or faster results. This is important, I will say it twice. There is no such thing as a magic bullet or miracle pill that will give you instant or faster results.

I say this as a 13 year fitness expert: There is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR DIET AND EXERCISE.

The trick here is “take this AND EXERCISE within 30 minutes of use”. The supplement is encouraging you to EXERCISE!

The exercise part is what gets you results, not the supplement.

Exercising without the supplement will offer you the same results! The supplement merely encourages behavior change (exercise vs. not).

 The supplement industry, and some gyms, will encourage you use their product to get those results faster. Pay attention to the “fluff” science that is used in supplement ads. Fake (paid) testimonials, fancy graphs, and all kinds of scientific sounding words. Pay attention to nearly every supplement; they have the statement “RESULTS NOT TYPICAL individual also adhered to a diet and cardio regimen“.   Read more about deceptive marketing costing you money: “Results not typical“.

Start getting results today with my Beginner workout VIDEOS! No supplements, simply honest behavior change!

What are Fitness Patterns – Read to find out!

 FITNESSPATTERNS.com is BORN! 9/25/2012

I started FitnessPatterns.com to provide equal access to what is often expensive personal trainer advice. With America facing an obesity epidemic I decided somebody has to take charge and change things. I am helping people learn how to exercise with beginner tips/motivation/education.

No more personal training price barriers. Hello healthy America!

What is a “FitnessPattern” ? Read below to see!

This website named FitnessPatterns.com based upon American search behavior patterns for terms “diet and fitness”. (courtesy of google)

I see this as a fitness pattern or sadly, the “heartbeat of America”.

The main thing I want you to notice is the rising obesity rate. It does not matter how many fitness programs, supplements, technology, or “cutting edge” workouts exist, the general obesity rise for the past 3o years proves human behavior is not changing.

I feel by providing affordable beginner workout guidance, I can fight the American Obesity Epidemic and help change the world to a healthier, happier place!

You need BEHAVIOR CHANGE, not products, supplements, and empty promises. When you exercise safely you are guaranteed results. When you make excuses to avoid exercise you are guaranteed to fail. Either way you will be right! The choice is yours….

Human behavior: As predictable as a heartbeat. (American search behavior for terms "diet and fitness")
Human behavior: As predictable as a heartbeat. (American search behavior for terms “diet and fitness”)