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Gym Member Rights – Equal Access to Workout Knowledge

Gym Member Rights As a gym member advocate and consumer champion, I posted these consumer tips (from the Federal Trade Commission website) to help you save money and avoid contract and price traps before signing any documents! My goal in creating FitnessPatterns.com is to provide equal access to valuable workout knowledge! About Me Joining a […]

Exercise order: Perfect Muscle Workout Order from Start To Finish!

This article explains how exercise is more effective when working out from largest to smallest body parts. A full body workout order from largest muscles groups to smallest is best for every body! Exercise order is very important when planning your workout!  An ideal workout order includes: Squats, lunges, or leg press first, followed by […]

The TRUTH about “Fitness Assessments” aka Sales Pitch in Disguise…

  This write-up prepares you to obtain your fitness assessment data and avoid the high-pressure sales tactics and costly add-on services found at many for-profit gyms. Save $1,000’s by knowing WHAT REALLY HAPPENS before you join a gym and have a personal trainer tell you what to buy… Fitness assessments are a great way to learn more about your body; your […]

What are Fitness Patterns – Read to find out!

 FITNESSPATTERNS.com is BORN! 9/25/2012 I started FitnessPatterns.com to provide equal access to what is often expensive personal trainer advice. With America facing an obesity epidemic I decided somebody has to take charge and change things. I am helping people learn how to exercise with beginner tips/motivation/education. No more personal training price barriers. Hello healthy America! What is […]

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