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Exercise order: Perfect Muscle Workout Order from Start To Finish!

This article explains how exercise is more effective when working out from largest to smallest body parts. A full body workout order from largest muscles groups to smallest is best for every body! Exercise order is very important when planning your workout!  An ideal workout order includes: Squats, lunges, or leg press first, followed by […]

The TRUTH about “Fitness Assessments” aka Sales Pitch in Disguise…

  This write-up prepares you to obtain your fitness assessment data and avoid the high-pressure sales tactics and costly add-on services found at many for-profit gyms. Save $1,000’s by knowing WHAT REALLY HAPPENS before you join a gym and have a personal trainer tell you what to buy… Fitness assessments are a great way to learn more about your body; your […]

What are Fitness Patterns – Read to find out!

 FITNESSPATTERNS.com is BORN! 9/25/2012 I started FitnessPatterns.com to provide equal access to what is often expensive personal trainer advice. With America facing an obesity epidemic I decided somebody has to take charge and change things. I am helping people learn how to exercise with beginner tips/motivation/education. No more personal training price barriers. Hello healthy America! What is […]

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