Essentials before starting an exercise program

Congrats on deciding to change your life with exercise!

This page offers beginner workout programs and routines for the novice or new exercise participant.


Looking for an easy 12 minute in-home workout video routine? I made one packed full of valuable information just for you! Skip the text and watch my workout video!

This page is ideal for:

  • Workout beginners
  • New gym members
  • Home workouts
  • People intimidated by personal trainers
  • Weight loss seekers
  • And more!

Things you should know before starting an exercise program.

The questions/answers below teach you valuable information BEFORE you enter a gym. These are the most common questions I encountered during my 17 years working in various gyms and teaching people how to exercise. About me


Basic Gym Terminology

What are reps? – Reps are the number of times you perform a given exercise. Example: 10 reps of curls = sit down and perform 10 curls then rest.

What are sets? – Sets are the number of groups of a given exercise you perform. Example: 2 sets of 10 reps of curls = 20 total curls. You give yourself time to rest by performing 10 curls, taking a break, then performing 10 more curls.

Muscular endurance – The ability of the muscles to continuously repeat a given movement with minimal fatigue. (example: pumping air into your car tires with an old manual hand bike pump)

Muscular strength – The ability of a muscle to exert maximum force on a single rep. (example: holding the couch up off the ground for a few moments while somebody else vacuums underneath of it.)

Cardiovascular endurance – The ability of the heart and lungs to continuously deliver oxygen to muscles under constant demand. (example: mowing the yard for longer than 30 minutes or running long distance events such as a 5k or marathon)


Workout Program Basics

easy-exercise-posterHow much weight you use, the number of sets and reps you perform are FOUNDATIONS of every program. These are explained below!


How many reps should I do? – This depends on your goals. Think of repetition ranges as the “Too hot, just right, or Too cold” porridge from your childhood nursery stories! Workout rep ranges are normally broke down into the following:

  • SIZE/POWER 4-10 reps (aka too hot) – Ideal for bodybuilders, athletes, and power-lifters
  • MEDIUM BLEND OF SIZE AND ENDURANCE 10-14 reps (aka just right) – Ideal for every day gym patrons
  • LEAN/ENDURANCE 15-20 reps(aka too cold) – Ideal for endurance athletes and every day gym patrons


How many sets should I do?


How do I lose weight?


How much weight should I use? Depends on your goals. Somebody attempting to gain weight and “bulk up” or get stronger should use MORE weight and perform less reps. A beginner would be better off using less weight and focusing on higher reps: This leads to more endurance, toning, and smaller/leaner muscles. A beginner starting with lighter weight is less likely to hurt themselves and more likely to “ease into exercise” safely!

How long should my workouts last? This is like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” You workout as long as YOU like. You only have 15 minutes to walk outside? Then that is your workout! Ideally a general beginner workout will last anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes. As you become more advanced and gain endurance and workout ability, you can increase the length of your workout to suit your exercise goals.

Should I do cardio before or after my weights? 100% personal preference: Again, you do what works for YOU. Some people swear by cardio before, and others swear by cardio after. The same people might insist Nike or Adidas are the best shoes. The whole point is YOU DECIDE. There is no right or wrong for when you do it. The only right is doing it. The only wrong way is skipping it!




Should I stretch? Yes! Stretching is beneficial for EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS EARTH. Stretching has been proven to:

  • improve athletic performance
  • prevent injuries
  • reduce muscular fatigue
  • reduce recovery time
  • improve posture
  • alleviate pain

When should I stretch? You should stretch whenever you have time because; it is easy, requires minimal effort, can prevent sprains/injuries, and works for great cool-down!


Specific Workout Programs and Routines

  • 5 minute workout program
  • 10 minute workout program
  • 15 minute workout program

For any of these programs or SPECIFIC individualized workout routines, visit my GymMenu site below!


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